About Our Ship

The name USS Liberty Belle came about when myself and Paul decided to make our own chapter. We wanted to have a name that had significance with the area the ship was founded in. I am from an area of Dublin called the Liberties, and live there with my daughter (Cadet Alice). The women of the area are nicknamed “Liberty Belles”, and so, we couldn’t think of a more appropriate name for our ship!


From myself, Paul and the rest of the crew, we invite you to join us aboard our

beautiful Belle!

Yours in Service

CAPT Phyllis Seale Foynes

CO USS Liberty Belle



Ship Specifications



Class: Sovereign



Length: 685.3 metres

Width: 250.6 metres

Height: 88.2 metres

Mass: 3,205,000 metric tons



Decks: 29


855 Standard

6500 Emergency

9800+ Max Capacity

Maximum Speed: Warp 9.975

Cruising Speed: Warp 6


16 Type-XII Phaser Arrays

10 Torpedo Launchers

Defences: Deflector Shields

Auxilliary Craft:

8 Workbees

4 Federation Shuttlecraft

8 Shuttlepods

1 Captain’s Yacht